Most of the visitors that come to Majorca naturally see a paradise of sun and beautiful beaches. But those that explore it deeper will find the history and the richness of the Majorcan culture in its renowned landscapes, monuments, and local gastronomy.

During all its history, the island has been an idyllic cultural place for many illustrious people, from Frederic Chopin or Robert Graves to Joan Miró and Miquel Barceló, that created their masterpieces inspired by Majorcan sea and mountains. The echoes of their voices can still be heard in many places of Majorca, creating that intellectual and historical tone that goes beyond the sun and sea that most of the tourists look for.

Visiting the Sierra de Tramuntana on a classic car, stopping at the picturesque villages of Valldemossa and Soller, is a plan apt for conoisseurs and a true gift for the senses.

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